Our Position

We emphasize continuous development and skill building to drive performance.

Research & Development

tasked with developing methods or steps to create new products or developing and perfecting existing products and used to test the effectiveness of these products.


Logistics is tasked with describing the movement of raw materials, components and sub-assemblies (units that are assembled but will be part of a larger unit) within a company’s factory to be converted into finished goods. This can be done to/from the storage point, or to/from the side of the line, to be converted into finished goods. Logistics in the factory also includes managing goods after they are finished and no longer produced.


A technician serving as a technician and factory operator is someone who has a central role in production activities in a factory, starting from designing factory work to controlling factory operations. Factory technicians are tasked with conducting studies on factory products and studying factories for the future


tasked and responsible for carrying out all activities in the factory related to the production process so that it can produce semi-finished products or finished goods.

Digital Marketing

tasked with using digital media as an effort in marketing, advertising and promotional activities to achieve company goals


The customer relationship officer is tasked with handling complaints or concerns from customers who purchase goods or services from the company.





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